New Site Security Effective 10/31/2016

New Site Security Effective 10/31/2016
Posted on 11/02/2016

Daily Site Security


  1. All exterior doors to the buildings will be locked after the tardy bell @ 8:20 AM. The north entrance to the gym (playground side) will remain open until the end of lunch at 1:00 PM and is to remain locked.
  2. The door to the Office Manager’s Office will be locked after the tardy bell.  Staff access will be allowed as needed for copies and paperwork.
  3. Please explain to your students and walk your classes to other buildings on campus on the north side of the buildings (playground side).
  4. DO NOT PROP DOORS OPEN WITH ROCKS.  This poses a security risk. If you access your building by a side door or back door, please make sure the door is locked and securely closed after you walk in.
  5. Staff must wear identification badges at all times and carry keys for access to their buildings.
  6. Students who require early release will need to come to the office.  If they are unable, please assign an aid or ask the nurse for assistance.  Parents must wait in the office for their children.
  7. If you see parents/visitors on campus who are not wearing a visitor’s badge, politely direct them to the office.  If they are not cooperative, please have a colleague contact the office or call/text me at 505-901-2582.
  8. No student is to be released to a parent or guardian unless the release has been authorized by the office.


Office Check Out Procedure


  1. All parents/guardians will be required to show a valid picture identification.  That identification will be noted by the Office Manager on the sign-in page.


  2. Parents who want to go to the classroom will be issued a Visitor’s Badge by the Office Manager.  You will be notified that a parent is coming to your room.  You can send an aide (if applicable) to meet the parent at the door of the building, or the parent will be escorted.  In the primary building, contact the nurse for assistance.  DO NOT SEND A STUDENT TO MEET PARENT AT THE ENTRANCE OF A BUILDING.


  3. Parents who request an early release will be checked against the Authorized Pick-Up list in Synergy.  If the individual requesting release is not listed on the Authorized List, the student will not be released.  The student will be called from your classroom and must report the office so that the Office Manager insures the child (children) have left the campus.  Parents will not be sent to the classroom to pick up students.


  4. Parents who arrive 15 minutes or less prior to dismissal at 3:00 PM or 12:50 PM on early release days will be instructed to wait for their children and pick them up when the final dismissal bell rings.

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